Sustainable Pre-treatment and Preservation

Marine and Offshore Protection and Preservation (MOPP) is based in the Botlek area of Rotterdam and closely involved for more than thirty years in the sustainable pre-treatment and preservation of a wide range of installations, including offshore units, ships, industrial constructions and storage tanks.

MOPP is highly experienced in conservation of Marine and Offshore projects. For the treatment of installations for the Industry MOPP has a large blasting and painting shop, which is easily accessible by road and waterways . Our mobile department carries out all the conservation works at your premises, e.g. petrochemical plants.

For all these activities we can call upon a highly motivated and well trained workforce with extensive work experience. Our grit- and UHP blasting and spraying equipment is modern and efficient. The strength of our business is that we can respond flexibly to your requirements. Our priority is to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum by serving you the best possible lead time.